Services at Louisiana Pelvic Health


Pelvic Floor Rehab

For those with bladder & bowel dysfunction or sexual/pelvic pain. We treat all pelvic floor related conditions for women.  


Pregnancy & Birth Prep

For those who are pregnant to prepare your pelvic floor for birth, exercise safely, and improve pregnancy low back pain, pelvic pain, and bladder/bowel symptoms.


For those wanting to return to exercise safely, address abdominal separation, core strengthening, bladder issues, c-section recovery, perineal tear recovery, return to sex pain free, and back/pelvic pain. 


Fertility & Holistic Reproductive Health

For those who want to optimize your menstrual cycles by using fertility awareness and combined hands-on manual techniques to improve your cycle & pelvic health. Treatment includes hands-on therapy, diet & lifestyle recommendations, and cycle charting education.



For those with chronic low back pain that have not found relief, new onset sciatica or hip pain, or joint pain. Treatment plans include hands on manual techniques, dry needling, and exercise prescription for pain management

"Dr. Melissa was and continues to be such a supportive resource following my visits after birthing my son. I'm so grateful to her and the expertise she's gained in helping me get back to feeling like myself. The coolest thing she did was help me realize how my history of back pain and disc herniations impacted my pelvic floor long before trying to conceive. Highly recommend Melissa because she not only helped me fix my postpartum issues, but I've also been living without a flare up in my back since seeing her." - Allison

"She helped me realize how my history of back pain impacted my pelvic floor"