Treatment is specific to what is found during your evaluation. Treatment is likely to include some or all of the following and is customizable:


Manual Therapy

Hands-on stretching or joint mobilizations to help a joint move properly.


Dry Needling

This is a specialized treatment that can be added to your current treatment plan. Dry needling is used in physical therapy to help decrease pain and improve motor control of targeted muscles. A small, thin needle is used inside of the specific area to address. This service can be customized into to your regular treatment session.

Therapeutic Exercise Program

Specialized exercises to address specific muscle imbalances contributing to your symptoms.

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Gait Training

To address how to properly walk and improve any limping or pain with walking.


Postural Correction

Education for proper body mechanics during your daily life and work and joint protection techniques.

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Wellness Program for Pregnancy and Postpartum

If you wish to be proactive with your fitness and pelvic floor after you find out you are expecting, a guided wellness program may be for you. Working on your core and pelvic floor during pregnancy is shown to improve outcomes postpartum. This program includes an exercise and stretching program specific to your needs.

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