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Fertility Awareness Mentoring

Get Pregnant Naturally, Use the Cycle As Natural Birth Control, Recover Postpartum, or Monitor Your Overall Health

You're here because you want something different.

You're serious about addressing your bladder health & pelvic pain. 

You want to feel confident about your body and your intimate life without worrying about pain.

You're done with the hormones, and you're thinking about getting pregnant at some point. 

Your intuition tells you there has to be something else - something other than pills and procedures - to stop pelvic pain & get pregnant.


You want to discover the connection between your cycle health & your pelvic health so you can get pregnant more easily, prepare for the physical changes during birth, and smoothly transition into postpartum recovery.


Fortunately, that's exactly what I do! I've worked with hundreds of women to heal pelvic health issues from the root cause. 

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You're actively trying to conceive

You've been trying to conceive for some time, and nothing is happening.

Your doctors tell you fertility medications, IUI, and IVF are your only options. 

You are feeling like there's nothing you can do to improve your fertility on your own. 

Your friends and family constantly make recommendations to you and send you google searches. 

But you're tired of the unsolicited advice and want to work with a professional to help you cut to the chase. 

You are curious about how your cycle is affecting your chances of conception and want to learn how to improve it to maximize your chances.

You're considering pregnancy in the near future

You want to come off the pill & restore your cycles
Discover the connection between your menstrual cycle & your pelvic health

You're not quite ready to begin trying for a baby, but it's on your mind.

You ask your doctors if you should begin preparing your body, and they all say not to worry.

But you're not sure if your hormones are balanced, and you are wondering what you can do to be proactive.

You have a history of irregular cycles or pelvic pain and have questions about how this will affect your future fertility.

You've been told all of your adult life that hormonal birth control is your best option for preventing pregnancy. 

You've learned from books that hormones have side effects and may not be fixing your period issues.

And now you've decided you're done with the hormones. 

You still need a way to avoid pregnancy, and you want to regulate your cycles.

This is exactly what I help you with
  • Confidently understand your cycle as a vital sign

  • Know exactly which days to have intercourse 

  • Lower your need for fertility drugs and expensive procedures

  • Improve your hormone balance

  • Identify issues affecting your cycle

  • Learn to take the power back over your body 

  • Have a plan in place for easing the transition off of hormonal contraceptives 

My approach is simple and unique:

Learn how to chart and understand your cycle.

Identify underlying issues that present in your charts.

Identify underlying pelvic health issues. 

Develop an action plan to improve your menstrual cycle health, fertility, and pelvic health naturally.  

"Truly thankful for Dr. Melissa. She has been a life saver with solving pelvic and low back pain. She is so knowledgeable about a variety of topics from pelvic PT to fertility awareness and women's health. I recommend her to anyone in my life with pelvic symptoms or questions about women's health."

- Clara

How it works:

Schedule your initial 1:1 consultation: 

Your consultation can be done either virtually anywhere in the world or in person in our clinic. We discuss your diet, reproductive, medical, and pelvic health history. You leave with an action plan to begin charting and addressing your underlying issues.

Join the full 1:1 session experience:

After your consultation, you are invited to join the full program where we spend 3 months together in 6 additional sessions reviewing your charts, implementing the strategies, and addressing all the underlying factors in your health to getting you pregnant naturally & taking charge of your health.

" I was ready to come off hormonal contraceptives and learn about how to chart my cycle as well as understand my cycle as I prepare for trying to conceive.  I started working with Dr. Mel at the end of 2021 when I stopped my hormonal contraceptive. Dr. Mel has been fabulous to work with and she has walked with me every step of the way. I am so happy to have taken this journey and learned about FAM from her!

- Christine

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the same as Physical Therapy?

Fertility awareness Education is a specialized program only those who have practitioner designations are able to use. This is considered women's health coaching and may be done virtually or in clinic. Dr. Mel will advise you on whether you also need physical therapy to address your concerns. 

Who is this program for? 

Women in the reproductive years who have not yet conceived, want to conceive, are in the postpartum phase, or who plan to use the cycle as birth control. This program is open to all who are still cycling.

How long does it take to see results?

You should see changes in your cycle within 3 months. 

What happens at the end of the program?

You may continue to meet with Dr. Mel monthly or as needed for ongoing support as you continue to use your new skills to make progress towards your goals. 

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