Birth Prep  & The Pelvic Floor


The Birth Prep teaches you how to understand your pelvic floor, the benefits of practicing breathing & pushing techniques, & how to prepare your mindset for birth, all while covering topics led by a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist Specialist.

This series teaches you what you CAN control, how to be prepared for physical changes of pregnancy & birth, how partners can support you, when & how to start exercises, stretches, & techniques along your pregnancy journey to minimize your risk for injury, tearing, & postpartum pelvic floor symptoms. 

It's like having a pelvic PT in your pocket through your pregnancy!

Hi! I'm Dr. Melissa Thompson, PT, DPT, MTC. I'm a Doctor of Physical Therapy with specialist training in pelvic floor conditions. I help moms prevent & treat bladder, bowel, and sexual issues.


I'm here to teach you about the physical & musculoskeletal changes to your body during your pregnancy & birth so you can feel empowered & decrease your risk for perineal tearing, stress incontinence, pelvic pain, & pelvic floor complaints as much as possible before the postpartum period.

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What Participants are Saying

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Traditional Birth Prep Classes Won't Tell You...

1. What your fitness level & muscle strength has to do with birth & recovery 

2. Educate you on what is & not normal regarding urinary leakage, pain with intercourse, core strength, diastasis recti, & prolapse

3. Pelvic floor anatomy & possible symptoms arising during & after pregnancy 

4. How to relax & contract your pelvic floor during the phases of labor 

5. What the diaphragm/abdominal/pelvic floor connection is & how to utilize this to your advantage during pushing 

6. What you can do to optimize your chances of not tearing & having shorter pushing phase of labor

7. How the musculoskeletal system is involved during pregnancy

8. How bladder, bowel, & sexual pain symptoms during pregnancy can be predictors of symptoms postpartum 

9. What labor positions really mean for your pelvic floor from a pelvic anatomy perspective & how you can select positions based on your current aches & pains

10. Build you an exercise program that you can begin during pregnancy to prepare for birth

Birth Prep & The Pelvic Floor Does exactly that!

I Want In!

Some stats about tearing and ACOG... low back pain...stress incontinence... basically showing these things are rampant

Birth Prep Will Teach You...