Hi! I’m Dr. Melissa Thompson, PT, DPT, MTC. I’m a board-certified Doctor of Physical Therapy with a specialty certification in Manual Therapy, which is a tool for hands on treatment. I am an advocate for holistic health, which means I believe in finding the root cause of your musculoskeletal condition from head to toe in one-on-one, hands on, thorough assessments.


A few years ago, I noticed a gap in my practice for the women who were coming to me for back pain issues, among many other things, when many of them also complained about pelvic floor issues that were likely related to their conditions.


After receiving further training for the pelvic floor, I have been able to combine my specialties to better address women’s health needs throughout pregnancy, postpartum recovery, and the life span.

I am passionate about working with women's health because of the gap in holistic care to address pelvic floor symptoms. It was not until I worked with a pelvic floor physical therapist myself that I was able to address and manage my pelvic pain without relying on short term treatments like medication. This changed my life so much that I want to continue spreading this mission of addressing women's health with the tools to stay well, prevent worsening conditions, and heal pelvic health conditions faster with a manageable long term plan. 

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